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I was just telling my husband how I wanted that pink striped bathroom. (with little response other than him rolling his eyes) Still a girl can dream. Gorgeous!

Les très riches heures

I adore the style of your blog! so class! You are a link on my blog called Les très riches heures, come and see! by!!!


Wow! I LOOOOVVVE those chairs! And now I'm mad my Domino is late!


I've been reading your blog for awhile, not sure that I've ever posted a comment. That bathroom in Domino was one of my favorite things ever and I don't even like pink!! But it looked so easy to do, and so perfect for a girly bathroom.


oh i love these images from domino!


Love her home, but that outfit on the top right - perhaps it was a room that failed at being turned into an outfit?


Hi , I'm live in some other country.
anyways can I post u r pics ?

they are totally gorgeous !
I luv it .
thanx :-)


Add some dark brown to the pink and it will enhance the contrast. The results are stunning.

Linda Barker

Is that 3rd picture a marquee? I want it!

nyc custom furniture

Yes colors work wonders sometimes...the light pastels brighten up the seasons according to the need.

Clint Rowley

I agree, I love the chairs. They're the perfect color blue and the perfect style.

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