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Oooh you lucky girl! I am SOOO jealous!

Maryam in Marrakesh

I want to go, too. (Stamps foot.)


Oh how loved and still love Mr. Morrisey. I have all of his CD's and tapes from waaaay back when. The wall of my college dorm prominently displayed his picture!


I am so jealous too, love his songs!


Alyssa - I went to the concert with my best friend and we were of course reminiscing about high school and listening to The Smiths and Bona Drag until we wore out the tapes – I said after watching him live I am in love all over again and I am sooo tempted to hang a Morrissey poster somewhere in my home {not sure the hubby would go for the bedroom though!}


sooooo very happy that we went, what a wickedly fun time!
that was definately in my top ten ass kickin' concerts.
so cool


This post made me smile. I too love Morrissey (even if he is going a bit grey!). I've seen him play a couple of times and it was fab. I even bought an id bracelet with his name on it when I was 16 at the merchandise stand! Too funny. Still love him.

Julie at BV

Good for you. Thanks for the link of Pink box. i loved it...

Jennifer Ramos

Lucky you! HES SO GREAT!!


decor8 holly

I am going to see him on June 26th in Boston, I'm a huge Morrissey fan (did you know that??) I love him. I can't believe you are a fellow Moz addict too. Oh this is great to find out!!!

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