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i am learning about kareem iliya but i don't know anything about her could you put something on this syt plz

Grobi White

I simly LOVE HIS WORK!!!


i'm at college doing textiles as part of my ND for art and design and our project is on kareem iliya and doing batik. i have to say i love kareems work!

Kate Dooley

I am doing a project on Kareem Iliya and wondering if you could send me anymore information or suggest any sites that would help me with my study?


i am doing a design project and presentation on kareem iliya. i love his work but i am having difficulties finding information on him. does anyone know where i could find his biography? or does anyone have any information they could give to me?it would be much appreciated.


Kareem Iliya's work is superb. In addition to his fashion work, he has illustrated a handsome new edition of Chinua Achebe’s literary classic 'Things Fall Apart' for The Folio Society, using his customary bold silhouettes and gorgeous washes of colour.

emma c

Please can someoone tell me more about Kareem Iliya and his work.....I think it is beautiful.....any books on him?

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