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Thanks for the preview! My issue has not arrived yet.


Now you have me all excited for the new Domino, did you get the new Lucky..it was awesome..great fall finds.

I do agree with you on the july/august issue as well, it was very disappointing..I hope the new one is better


I think the new one is the best issue EVER! Same with the new Lucky - it was the first time I actually used the little tabs they provide in the front of the mag!


Hi ..Just found your blog and I love it. : )
I know what you mean about Domino! It's my all time favorite mag. Especially loving September's issue, fabulous!


decor8 Holly

terrific post. i heart domino this month too - far better than the last issue.


paper lily

The September issue is fabulous! The designers' homes featured are gorgeous. I also liked the piece about the flower school in Paris. I'll probably flip through my copy at least a few more times.

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is the picture of erin's apartment?

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oooh this is exciting! I am going to submit... :) Good luck to all the applicants, I can't wait to see who is chosen!

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very cool space! I love your taste and it looks like it'd be so much fun to poke around in there... I used to live in DE but am now in VA, but if I ever go back that way to visit family I'd love to see it in person :)

luckily though, here in Virginia I found your Cupcake chardonnay at the grocery store for $8.99 (such a lovely treat to be able to buy wine where I can get cat litter and tampons too!).... I was intrigued by your love of it ( and its pretty bottle I must admit) so snagged a bottle... thanks for the heads up :) cheers!

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I am sorry to say that the July/August issue of domino really failed to wow me.

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terrific post. i heart domino this month too - far better than the last issue.

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Of course it is a lucky year, we hope.

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